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The Joy of Using the Gifts We Are Given

I looked at the certificate for a spa day and my heart dropped as I saw the date. My husband had gotten me that gift for Christmas 2 years before and there was no way they would honor it now. I had planned on using it after a marathon I had signed up for and didn’t run because my Mom had died. When I told him that I had forgotten to use it he was understanding but I could see the disappointment in his face and I hated that I put it there. He had intentionally picked a gift he knew I would love and was deliberate in picking out the services that would work well with the marathon.

Counter that to the year my five year old daughter gave me a huge diamond ring pendant for Mother’s Day. She picked it out herself just for me and couldn’t wait to share it. It was big and gaudy and her entire face lit up when I put it on and wore it to church that day. I still have that pin on a corkboard at work even though I only wore it that one day. It always reminds of the pure joy on her face when I wore the gift that she picked out just for me.

“If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!” Matthew 7:11

Gifts that our family have put thought and time into are the best ones and we tend to treasure those. They make us feel special and we know we are important to the person who gave them to us.

God delights in giving us the gifts He intentionally chose just for you and me, He made each of us unique with a purpose that no one else can fulfill. If thoughtful gifts from our family make us feel special, how much more worth can we feel knowing our God has deliberately picked a unique gift for each one of us? I can imagine His entire face lighting up with incredible joy every time we use those to advance His kingdom

In the same way presents from our family bring us joy there are also those gifts that we find as we are searching a closet or drawer that have rarely or even never been used. That can leave us frustrated and disappointed. Is that how God feels when we choose not to use the gifts he selected just for us? Does His face fall in disappointment when I have put one of the gifts He chose just for me in a drawer to be forgotten? It breaks my heart to think of disappointing God because I didn’t see the value of what He gave me. It is in those gifts that I find what makes me unique and the purpose He chose for me. That alone should make want to run out and use them every day!

He has blessed us by giving us exactly what He knows we need. As we prepare to celebrate Jesus great sacrifice for us, let’s honor our almighty God by glorifying Him with the very talents He has delighted in giving us. Not only will we be glorifying Him, but it will bring Him great joy as we enjoy the gifts he gave us.

Oh Father in Heaven, thank you for the gifts you picked out just for me. Help me to delight in using them just for you! Help me to use them wisely and without pride so that people see You. I want to bring you the same joy you bring me every day! Amen.

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