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Dreaming big and surrendering

I am a resolutions girl. Actually, I am a goal-making girl, but this time of year, we call them resolutions. I love sitting down to a spotless piece of paper and filling it with dreams and ideas that become a plan. 

The older I get, the more I feel the urgency of those dreams, ideas, and plans. Because with age I see the pressing need to shout to everyone they need Jesus and His amazing love. 

My resolutions used to be things like running 1000 miles, reading through the Bible, drink more water. While all those things are valuable and there’s nothing wrong with them, this year feels different. 

In 2024, I want to be so immersed in God’s Word that I want to be unflappable in any situation. I want to face every conversation and argument with so much love I lose the desire to be right. I want to have a joy so big that people want to meet the Jesus that gives me that joy. I want to reflect the light that Jesus shines so brightly every day.

Now, to be honest, I also want to finish my second book, read through the Bible chronologically, memorize four passages of scripture, and exercise five days a week, too. Oh, and learn Hebrew. Because, you know, I am still a resolutions girl. 

Besides setting goals, I chose a word each year. That word didn’t come to me this year until a few days into January. It’s surrender. I say I trust God, but when I struggle, I try to control the circumstances around that struggle. This year, I am trying to surrender those situations to God. Because, let’s face it, He controls it anyway. 

I know that growing God’s kingdom isn’t going to just happen. I have to be very intentional in the steps I take that will show the world our Savior and glorify our God well. I won’t be perfect, but with the right heart, I believe He will bless my dreams, ideas, and plans. Yes, even my resolutions. 

I encourage you to choose one thing that will allow you to use your gifts to grow God’s kingdom and glorify Him in 2024. Call them goals, resolutions, or purpose; just know it will make a difference . . . to you and the world!

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