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Be prepared to run!

I was walking in a nearby park a few weeks ago. It was one of those perfect summer days, not too hot, the sky was blue without clouds, and there was just a slight breeze. I noticed a man and his daughters at the bottom of the hill. The girls were sitting with their daddy, and he was reading a book. I heard a whisper, "pray with them."

Typically, I listen to those whispers, but for a reason I just don't understand, I hesitated. What if . . .

I let the what if's smother the joy.

What if I intrude?

What if they think I see them as something other than who they are?

What if I just thought I heard the Spirit?

I walked past them, and just as I was heading up the hill, I turned to go back, only to see them getting up to leave. So I kept walking.

I am disappointed in myself. There was a divine appointment that I missed. I wasn't obedient, and I missed a blessing. I let the what if's smother the joy.

God put that sweet family right in my path. I didn't have to go one step out of my way to pray over them. Unlike Philip, who easily obeyed and went straight to the desert when told. He made it to his divine appointment. (Acts 8:26-40)

Philip didn't hesitate, though. He got up and went. He came upon an Ethiopian eunuch reading from Isaiah. They typically read aloud in this culture, so Philip knew what the Ethiopian was reading. Now, I love this next part! Philip didn't just saunter up; he didn't walk to the man, he ran! Philip couldn't wait to seize this opportunity to do God's work.

Philip was so excited to share God's word he ran!

I am not at all surprised that I read this scripture right after I chose not to seize the opportunity put in front of me. I should have made myself available and been obedient. Philip was so excited to share God's word he ran. I wish I had done that. But I didn't.

Philip was obedient and had the joy of baptizing the Ethiopian man that very day.

Friends, it's not always easy to listen to that still, small voice when it tells us to do something uncomfortable. It's often much easier to just keep going. But I want to tell you that when we listen and obey, God blesses those moments with incredible joy. The joy of reaching out to someone who needs God. The joy of planting the seeds God has given us. And the joy of knowing we are obedient to God. It took me a while to understand this joy, and clearly, I'm not there yet, but I can tell you it is well worth the discomfort.

Our purpose is to share Jesus with people, to be a light that helps grow God's kingdom. We need to be prepared to share the gospel with anyone and everyone we encounter. It doesn't mean we have to be Bible scholars to do that. We do need to be in God's word, so we have a basic understanding of it; we need to listen to HIm and obey. God will take care of the rest!

Ask God to allow you an opportunity to share Jesus today. See where He takes you and who you get to bless.


Do you want to know more about the Ethiopian eunuch? Here are some questions and verses to let you dive deeper into this passage.

What is a eunuch, and how is that relevant to the story? Deuteronomy 23:1, Jeremiah 38:7

Philip asked the man if he understood what he was reading. "How can I unless someone guides me?" the man asked. Who guides all of us in scripture? Romans 10:14, John 16:13

What was the man reading in Isaiah? Chapter 53:7-8

This story shows how Philips obedience furthered the gospel:

Philip's obedience led to the Ethiopians conversion.

Then the man was fill with joy.

So much joy, that he couldn't wait to tell his own people about Jesus.

This fulfils Zephaniah 3:9-10 that says followers of God would come from Cush. (current day Ethiopia).

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