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Awaken my heart!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I got into a social media discussion with a young woman about an ad Hobby Lobby ran on Independence Day last week. The post she shared was filled with misinformation, which is a pet peeve of mine, so I called her out and gave a link with the facts. She then turned the conversation to we are NOT a Christian nation, which wasn’t even the point of the post or my response.

I found myself sucked into a conversation I didn’t intend to have and really should have left alone. I had the links to prove this woman wrong about being a Christian nation and was ready to hit send and when Holy Spirit stopped me. (Ok, I am aware had I been listening earlier, we would have never gotten to this point) Why was it so crucial for me to be right? How would proving myself right progress the kingdom of God?

We are so comfortable in America. We have more resources than we need and apparently enough time to argue on social media. I recently heard a podcast, highlighted below, that spoke of Western culture as being in a Satanic lullaby, and they were falling asleep living here.

You talk about a gut check. Wow!

When I lived in Japan, it amazed me to see the commitment of the Christians in a country that was predominately Shinto. They didn’t build a church in the city where I lived until they had all the money in the bank, something that took less than three years to acquire. They spent a majority of their Sunday at the church, having meals, worship, and fellowship. Oh, and you need to know that Sunday is their only day off from work and school. Here’s the thing, they love that time. It fills them with so much joy to have that time together. When was the last time you were invited to stay after church for fellowship, and the very idea brought you incredible joy?

Friends, it’s time to shake up what it looks like being a Christian in America. If I genuinely want to be a part of growing the kingdom of our God, I need to wake up from my lullaby. I want to dive so deep into scripture I can boldly and loudly share the hope of Jesus. I want my prayers to be so big that God smiles as He answers them, however He answers them. And I want to love so well that anyone who speaks to me knows who Jesus is.

As for social media, I plan to ask myself how this action or how these words forward God’s kingdom often. Because if they don’t, should I really even be doing it?

Here's the link to Jennie's podcast:

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