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Numbering My Days

Guest Post by Susan Davidson, from Ruth216Girl

My daughter texted me this photo of her dogs a couple of weeks ago. It spoke volumes about numbering my days and seeking out what is most important in my life.

At first glance, all I saw was Abbey, the dachshund we called “Abbey doodle.” Unfortunately, she has now passed since this photograph. Then I saw Luke, the mixed rescue dog she adopted from PetSmart.

I saw two friends enjoying a moment lying in the sun shining through the door. Behind the scenes, you would know that this was a rare day. Most days, Luke spent his time trying to steal Abbeys’ favorite bone, or Abbey was pushing Luke out from sitting on my daughter’s lap. There were also days when Luke spent most of his time barking at passing cars.

At a second glance, this photo made me think of how much we can learn from these two dogs if we lean in and pay attention. How much intentional wisdom God imparts to us to glean from his creation. He would use these two precious dogs that He has graced our lives to enjoy to teach me an invaluable lesson on this particular day.

God gave me the perception to see something I would have otherwise overlooked. When I looked through my spiritual eyes, I saw one friend sitting quietly with another who was well in years and not long for this earth. Luke was a young pup full of energy the day this photo was taken. He could have been spending his time doing all his favorite things, like guarding at the window, running after a toy, or off chasing a ball with my grandson. All the fun, exciting things dogs do.

But on this day, he chose to spend his time being in the moment with his friend. He left off all the fun and exciting things to be there for someone else.

There would be enough time for play later. More exciting things awaited Luke. Perhaps this day wouldn’t come again. So Luke spent his time wisely on this day. Abbey needed him.

Teach us to number our days.

Luke served as an example of what God talks about in Psalms 90:12 that says, “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” Wisdom to recognize the more significant moments in our lives are often the quieter ones. Time spent with family and friends instead of trailblazing a path for others to follow us in this world. Usually, it will mean laying aside what seems more exciting to be in simpler moments with those who need us.

Although Abbey and Luke serve as an example of this verse to me, there is a more remarkable example I look to for instruction. Jesus humbled himself and stepped down from the throne room of heaven to take on himself the role of a servant. He was found in the quiet moments too. He spent time hanging around with the sick, the poor, people mending their empty fishing nets, dusty roads, wells in the middle of the day, and even tombs. Not the most glamorous places that you think you would find the King of Kings.

In my current season, I needed this reminder. I can easily get caught up with all the temporal stuff in this world. I often need reminders to live in the quiet moments because I can easily get caught up in the busier ones. So often when I spend time in quieter moments, I wrestle with the feeling I am missing out on more exciting ones.

God is teaching me the importance of looking at the eternal side of things. This world will fade and all the stuff in it. I don’t want to wait till the end of my life to discover that I pursued the things that would perish and left off what mattered most. I want to have spent my time chasing the eternal things and how I glorified my Jesus with my gifts to point others to Him. I don’t want to wait till it is too late to find out how much it mattered that I served others well while I am here.

I want to number my days and truly learn what is most important while I still have time to make a difference. To choose to be present too in the quiet and vital moments like Luke. I want to be content to be where God has planted me.

There will be time for all the exciting things God has planned for us, but let us first make spending time with others a priority. Yes, Lord, help us number our days and number them well.

See you in the field,


Susan is a writer, blogger, coffee-loving, family devoted, Jesus girl. She has a soft spot for her doggies and her grandson, too. Her favorite Bible verse is Ruth 2:16, the verse she named her ministry.

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