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Worth the wait

We live in a microwave world. We want everything done as soon as we start. There's no time for waiting; we need it now.

For 33 years, I have what I like to call the Season of Hope. I have been waiting for my Bengals to win a playoff game. I wasn't even worried about the super bowl, just a playoff win. I am sure this will be the year every year, and it hasn't been for 31 of those 33 years.

This year, the Season of Hope made it to the Super Bowl! I am beyond excited and over the moon happy.

Friends, can I just tell you that the waiting has made this season so much sweeter? The journey has been well worth the wait. I have spent so many hours reminiscing about my time with my Grampa, watching games and talking football. There are many years of screaming at the players, coaches, and refs. He taught me that they might even hear us if we scream loud enough, even from Delaware, Ohio.

For years, I watched the game in his living room. He took me to my first in-person game, the first twenty, probably. It was our bond. I always miss him during football season, but this year so much more.

I cherish those memories, though; the yelling, the groaning, and the shouts of joy. I remember the first game of the season after the 1988 Super Bowl when the Bengals lost to the 49ers. They were playing the Niners again, and they were ahead. Boomer did not use the clock wisely and gave Joe Montana the ball with less than a minute. He, of course, threw to Jerry Rice and beat the Bengals once again. (Sounds a bit like Patrick Mahomes and 13 seconds in the Bills game?) My Gramma, ever the hostess, was bringing us some snacks, and we both jumped up and screamed at the TV as she entered the room. The snacks went flying, and she was furious with us! Little did we care; we were angry with Boomer. That story still makes me laugh, and while Gramma swore never to bring us snacks again, she did.

And I am so thankful to have those memories to make this long-awaited Super Bowl so much better.

I've spent a lot of time this week thinking about Jesus' return. So many people are hurting, so much of the world is in chaos, and I long for Him to come back and fulfill the final pages of God's redemption plan.

Until that day, though, I get to watch my grandkids grow. I make time with my hubby doing the things we love to do together. I spend time with my tribe, the women I adore. I am blessed to advocate for elders and show them they always have a purpose. I read God's word, the window to His character and holiness. I support the ministries He has led me to.

This journey God has for me is precious. It is doing His work for His kingdom. Every person He puts in my path offers me an opportunity to be His light, He servant, His voice. So while I anticipate Jesus' return, I know the value of living the life He gave me, one filled with memories, love, and service. And I look forward to what God has for me in the years to come.

I don't know if or when the Bengals will go to the Super Bowl again. I don't even know if they will win this one. But I do know that Jesus is coming back for me, for you and all those who know Him. And that is worth the wait.

My Mom used to say, "Good things come to those who wait." The world could use some of that today. Waiting, so long as we continue to live life while we are waiting, is often worth the delay. If you wonder, think about your eternity in heaven. If you aren't sure your eternity is in heaven, message me. I would love to help you figure it out.

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