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Fallen to Flawless

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The sceptor will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until tribute comes to him; and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples. Genesis 49:10

I look like my mother. I get my drive from my Mom's dad. And I get my compassion from my Dad's Mom. None of them were perfect, but they were all wonderful. Our heritage is such an essential part of who we are. But it isn't the most critical part.

If we dwell on our genealogy, we will probably all find something that will embarrass or disgrace us. My father's family found out he had a great uncle who was a Nazi prison camp soldier. Definitely disgraceful. But that one person does not define my family or me.

The Bible makes the genealogy of Jesus clear. His lineage comes from Judah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob before that. We might think that Jesus' lineage should be unblemished, but his earthly heritage is part of humankind. Abraham lied to save himself, Isaac was weak, and Jacob deceived his brother and father. Even Judah hated his brother, Joseph, and sold him into slavery.

And yet, Judah was the father of the most prominent tribe of the Israelites. King David and Jesus, our Savior, both came from the house of Judah. The ancestors of Jesus were anything but perfect. When God's ideal world was broken, He had the perfect plan to fix it. He used imperfect people to lead the way to a perfect Son. A flawless Son He would sacrifice to restore the world to His extraordinary holiness.

Jesus' lineage is essential, but it doesn't define Him.

Our first clue to the Messiah is that the royal sceptor and staff would come from Judah's line and successfully passed down to the final King, who would one day transcend all other rulers in eternity. We see this fulfilled in Luke 3, the genealogy of Jesus.

Father, you have fashioned a family of all nations. We are one in you, regardless of race, gender or generation. Thank you for the gift of a flawless King that allows us to spend eternity with you. Amen

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