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Bursting with Anticipation

Bethlehem was a busy place. Many people had come back to their hometown to be counted for the purpose decreed by Caesar Augustus. Every Inn was completely full. The town was bustling with activity, completely unaware of the miracle taking place in a simple feeding trough that night.

In those same moments, heaven was bursting with anticipation of what this night would bring. Perhaps the angels felt that same eagerness our children feel on Christmas morning, their zeal in knowing that the prophesy of The Savior was about to unfold. The word was becoming flesh, and dwelling among those living in the world, in all of His glory. (John 1:14) Immanuel was going to the world tonight!

The people in the world are going about their business, just trying to get their part of the census done so they could go back to their normal lives. There was no way for them to know what was happening in that manger. Or was there?

The prophets told them where He would be born, (Micah 5:2), they told them He would come as a baby, born of a virgin, (Isaiah 7:14) and that He would come from the lineage of David. (Isaiah 11:1) Of course there is much more prophesy to consider, and it had been more than 400 years since these words were spoken, but the evidence was there. The Jewish people just missed it.

The angels didn’t miss it though. The heavenly host was preparing for this new world the baby would bring. The fullness of time was upon them and they were ready to tell the world!

Their first stop would be to those young shepherds out in the fields. The perfect place to begin their story of The Savior was to the humble, imperfect shepherds. The lead angel told the story and calmed the fears of the shepherds. And then it was the moment the heavenly host had been anticipating all day, it was time! Time to worship the new King of Kings, the Prince of Peace and the Mighty Counselor.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill to men.” Luke 2:14

As you anticipate your Christmas Day don’t forget the eagerness of the angels to simply worship Him. And may your heart burst with the anticipation of worshiping the One who was born to die for you.

Merry Christmas!

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